Family Learning is exactly what it says – different generations learning together. Whether it’s grandparents, parents, siblings or extended family members and carers, all our courses are designed to be as flexible as possible to help bridge generations, encourage engagement and make learning a positive experience.

Family Learning began to be piloted in Nottinghamshire around 1995 in an attempt to help improve the outcomes of children whose parents had low basic skills levels. The results of these early projects quickly saw the roll out and delivery expand across the county and there are many case studies, reports and news articles relating to this success in Nottinghamshire, nationally and globally! Either Google Family Learning or have a look at some of the links after this document to see for yourself the impact this can have on any child and their educational journey.

The benefits of Family learning reach far wider than just the child. Many adults pass on their own negativity towards education if they themselves had bad experiences – schools and education have changed that much in the last two decades that even adults that did attain well wouldn’t recognise the methods and approach used today. This is why family learning works for every child, if the adults supporting that child have the skills and knowledge that they need, the adult can help and encourage that child so much more effectively. Some little steps can lead to huge leaps, for both adult and child.

Our goal is to empower all adults to make a positive impact on their children’s education and their own.

We offer a wide range of courses all tailored to meet the specific needs of the learners we encounter, designed for any adult wanting to help their child through school, be it learning together or attaining the skills themselves to help their child at home, to just the simple act of coming in to school to support their child. The boost a child receives from seeing a parent or other significant adult in their lives, learning, enjoying the learning and benefitting from it can only be a positive, constructive and encouraging thing!

We offer courses for all ages and abilities starting from pre-nursery and get ready for nursery programmes to keeping up with the children courses in maths, English and ICT.  Available in workshops, short courses and longer programmes – see what we offer for an in depth look.

So if you’re trying to boost parental engagement for your school – or want to improve reading, writing or maths for specific students our flexibility, approach and experience are at your disposal. Likewise if you’re an individual that would just like to know more or are interested in helping your own child with some one-to-one learning we can tailor our services, delivery and pricing to suit your needs and budget!